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Laundry with a twist?

By articlean_ay16c1 In ArtiClean Company News On September 30, 2019

[:en]Scott and Evelyn Pardue are hoping to make a living airing (out) greater Ada’s dirty laundry, and they’re doing it with a unique twist.

Have no fear, it’s not that kind of dirty laundry — your secrets are safe. The Pardues want to help area residents clean their clothes, linens and other household items, especially those that are difficult, if not impossible, to clean in any other way.

The twist? Ozone-infused water.

The couple opened Sani~Clean Laundromat Aug. 19 in the former Hardnox Coffeehouse location at 600 W. Main St. in Ada. They built the facility around an ozone-injection sanitizing system that sanitizes clothes, as well as the machines themselves, after each wash using ozone-infused water. The Pardues say the system leaves each washing machine in like-new condition after every use.

“We are the only laundromat within 125 miles that offers ozone-infused water, by injecting ozone gas directly into the cold water source.” said owner Scott Pardue.

Pardue said ozone sanitizing systems are commonly used by medical centers, hotels and nursing homes.

Ozone cleaning is endorsed by the Center for Disease Control and results in a wide range of hygienic benefits, including mold, bacteria and virus destruction, as well as the elimination of strong odors including various smoke and pet odors.

Pardue said the ozone-infused water also has a beneficial side effect, as it has a natural tendency to relax fabrics, so it makes clothes feel softer.

Those who wish to give the new laundry system a spin but have difficulty finding the time are in luck.

“Sani~Clean Laundromat is self-serve, but if you are overwhelmed by an already busy calendar, you can utilize the wash, dry and fold drop-off or pickup and delivery services,” Pardue said. “Come check us out! We’d love to impress you.”

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