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Did you Know? Over half of the Ozone Laundry Systems ever installed by various ozone suppliers are no longer in operation, which ultimately means the equipment did not deliver on its promise, or the equipment broke down and no one was available to repair it. In either case, a significant capital investment was lost.

Problems will arise. As often as not, they are unrelated to the ozone system, but since ozone is the newer technology, it gets the blame. Look for support that is either regional or local, and that is well versed in general laundry expertise, as well as ozone laundry.

ArtiClean Ozone Laundry Systems will be there for you years after the sale. Many failures of Ozone Laundry Systems are due in part service after the sale. Our nationwide distribution ensures that your system will be serviced by one of our Factory Authorized Service Technicians.

The majority of our representatives are the region’s largest commercial laundry distributors; therefore you probably already know the quality of their support.

Now that is coverage that you can count on!